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Seeking Advance Readers


Promise Me the Moon


♦♦♦ Let’s create an CHAIN REACTION! ♦♦♦

If Advance Readers for the new release, Promise Me the Moon,

combine recommendations, social media buzz, and reviews on book-selling sites,

then a chain reaction will take the book’s launch to explosive success!


Participants will receive a FREE Advance Reader’s Copy of the book

before the release date, and will be entered to win a box of

Magic Morsels from Fairytale Brownies, delivered to the winner.


In return, readers are asked to finish Promise Me the Moon before the official release date

and do as many of the following things as possible:

  • leave reviews on book-seller sites like Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and iBooks

  • leave reviews on reader sites like BookBub, Book+Main, and Goodreads

  • post about the book on Twitter, Instagram, FaceBook, and other social media sites

  • Repost, Repin, and Retweet any positive news about the book


But Hurry! Only the first 10 people to respond can be entered to win BROWNIES.


Promise Me the Moon has been given a "sensual" rating by my publisher, meaning the text is full of James-Bond-style sexual innuendo and closed door, but obvious, sex.  If on one hand, you prefer a more "sweet" romance,  or on the other hand, you like things really hot, this book may not be for you. Please do not sign up to be an Advance Reader unless you feel comfortable with this moderate level of heat.

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Sign Up Here:

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